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How can I change my home's text?

You can change your home's text as often as you wish. Please note that your changes will take 4-6 hours to show up. In order to make changes, just visit update listing page. Click "Update Text".

You Booked Your Home. Can I Mark it as Rented?

Yes! Go to the update listing page and click "Update Text". You'll see a box on the right where you can mark that you are rented. This will add a red flag "rented for 20XX" to your listing.

How to Change Your Home's Thumbnail Picture

Every home is on the main rentals page with a small thumbnail picture icon. This is randomly selected from the photos you upload with your house. Sometimes home owners want to choose a specific picture to be that thumbnail.

Want to change the thumbnail? Rename one of your pictures on your home computer to be main.jpg BEFORE you upload it to the website. Once renamed, then go to the photo upload page and select it from your computer. If you already uploaded this picture, but under a different filename, just delete it using the webpage interface. Then upload the new main.jpg. NOTE: after uploading, the thumbnail will not immediately refresh. It will take a few hours, so check back later.

Your Pictures are Missing

If you just uploaded photos for the first time, they will not immediately show up. Please check back in 4-6 hours.

If your pictures still aren't showing up, the reason is almost always because you did not click the blue "Upload Now" button. On the photo upload page, you select your pictures one by one and little images of them will show up. However, they have not been uploaded/sent to the server yet. You must click the blue upload button to complete the process.

Your Pictures are Upside Down. Why?

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), this is a problem on your side. It is not a bug or fault on the website. The website will show a picture in the exact orientation that you upload.

Why does it look normal on your home device but upside down on the website? You took the picture with your camera flipped over. You are also most likely using an Apple device. Photos sharing has become slightly more complicated with the latest digital cameras, particularly Apple products. When you flip your ipad/iphone/etc, it stores the camera's orientation in the picture file itself. When you view it on your computer, your photo software reads the orientation and artificially flips it for you to see. This website will instead show the raw picture (flipped over), and doesn't auto-flip for you.

What's the solution? You need to use photo editing software to fix your picture files before uploading. This website does not have such photo capabilities.