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For Renters: How do I book a home?

MidsRent helps to connect you with local homeowners directly. You book a home by sending them a direct email. Each home you see on the website has a contact address. You will see this by clicking on the home you like, and looking for the "email this owner" link (and a big envelope icon).

Your communication to the homeowner is private and not known by MidsRent. You can negotiate price and reserve the home through your emails (or phone calls!) with the owners. No further MidsRent interaction is needed once you make initial contact.

For Home Owners:

How can I change my home's text?

You can change your home's text as often as you wish. Please note that your changes will take 4-6 hours to show up. In order to make changes, just visit update listing page. Click "Update Text".

You Booked Your Home. Can You mark it as Rented?

Yes! Go to the update listing page and click "Update Text". You'll see a box on the right where you can mark that you are rented. This will add a red flag "rented for 20XX" to your listing.

How to Change Your Home's Thumbnail Picture

Every home is on the main rentals page with a small thumbnail picture icon. Use the Sort Photos interface to choose a desired order for your pictures to show up on your home's custom page. The picture you put in the very first position will become the thumbnail.

NOTE: after ordering your pictures, the thumbnail may not immediately refresh on the full listings page. This will occur periodically upon website refresh every few hours.

How to Choose a Picture Order for your Home

After uploading pictures, the order shown on your home's custom page is randomly selected. If you'd like to order the pictures yourself, perhaps to show your favorites first, use the Sort Photos interface. Click and drag your pictures to the desired order, and then click the Save button. Your new order will immediately show up on your home's page. Hit refresh a couple times on your home's page if you don't see it at first.

Your Pictures are Missing

If your pictures aren't showing on your home's page after uploading, the reason is almost always because you did not click the blue "Upload Now" button on the upload page. On the photo upload page, you select your pictures one by one and little images of them will show up. However, they have not been uploaded/sent to the webserver until you click the blue upload button to complete the process. You will see little progress bars sending.