Ready to List?

Want to list during the current cycle? Did you submit your home, but have not yet paid?

We have a small $19 listing fee. Your home will be shown until May 2021. Whether graduation is 1 month or 12 months away, it's the same price. That's it. No further charges. No rental commission.

You can pay electronically using Paypal or with a credit card. Once we receive notification of your payment, we will make your rental visible on our page (usually within 24 hours).

Standard $19

  • Up to 5 pictures
  • 1000 character max
  • No outline
  • Listed below Featured homes on initial page load.

Featured $60

  • Unlimited pictures
  • 3000 character max
  • An outline surrounds your listing
  • Listed above all Standard homes on initial page load.

Did you have a contract last year that had to be canceled due to COVID-19? Click here.

IMPORTANT! all homes are removed May 2021 at graduation week, regardless of time of year joined. You will need to submit a new payment for the new 12 month cycle after the removal.

If you experience ANY trouble, please email help.